The sales and use tax function can pose a particular challenge to any in-house tax department. The dynamic nature of federal, state, and local tax regulations can be difficult to keep up with, and nexus issues can complicate things further. The combination of these factors often leads to inaccurate or overpayment of sales and use tax.

Fandl has extensive experience in the realm of sales and use tax. Our expertise allows us to quickly identify areas of overpayment or underpayment, as well as navigate complex issues pertaining to nexus, importing & exporting, voluntary disclosure, and transaction agreements. Our familiarity with federal and state regulations enables us to recognize areas of savings and apply exemptions where appropriate. In addition to tax savings, Fandl ensures the prompt and precise filing of sales and use tax returns and payments.

Our secure on-line Data Warehouse allows clients access to all its sales tax data including tax returns, notices, tax bills, calendars and other jurisdictional correspondences.