The business license is often referred to as a ‘nuisance tax.’ In most cases, it is an annual fee that a company must pay in order to do business in a jurisdiction. Compliance requirements vary from location to location and can be based on the sales volume the number of employees, or the class of business or combinations thereof. Some jurisdictions even require a business to obtain multiple business licenses from various government agencies. Due-dates, fees, and processing are different in most jurisdictions. Not surprisingly, keeping track of the business license function can be a real challenge and can consume a large amount of time.

The professionals at Fandl are well-versed in the area of business license tax. Our staff has decades of experience dealing with business license tax in many of the country’s largest jurisdictions. We work closely with our clients to effectively manage their tax liability. By examining and staying up-to-date with state and local regulations, we are able to minimize the tax burden of our clients, and assist them in maintaining compliance moving forward.

Our secure on-line Data Warehouse allows clients access to all its business license data including returns, notices, bills, calendars and other jurisdictional correspondences.