An efficient tax department spends most of its time on proactive planning and controversy; and less time on compliance and administration. Unfortunately, not every tax department is as efficient as it should be; further, not every tax department can fully support full-time property tax and sales & use tax professionals. As such, outsourcing of these important tax functions can often be both a tax savings and cost savings decision.

Fandl specializes in outsourcing for property tax, sales & use tax, business license tax and other miscellaneous taxes. In fact, the Principles of Fandl LLC have outsourced some of the largest companies in the world, filing millions of property tax and sales and use tax returns. Fandl specializes in:

Property Tax Outsourcing
Sales & Use Tax Outsourcing
Business License Tax Outsourcing
Annual Report Outsourcing

Through effective management, constant client communication and time tested compliance protocols – Fandl outsourcing services are unparalleled in the marketplace. Our constant focus on client feedback and process improvements results in efficient and cost effective outsourcing services.