Sales & Use Tax Services

Sales & Use Tax Services

Effective management of the sales and use tax function can be quite a daunting task for many tax departments, which are often under-staffed. This can result in overpayment of sales and use tax and inefficient tax processes. The dynamic nature of federal, state, and local tax regulations can be difficult to keep up with, and nexus issues can complicate matters even more. Further, data management with limited resources exacerbate sales and use tax problems. The combination of these factors often leads to inaccurate data and the incorrect reporting of sales and use tax.

Steps can be taken to retrofit the sales and use tax department and thereby maximize efficiencies and generate tax savings. From process improvements and automation, training and education to outsourcing, Fandl can provide the full array of sales and use tax services.

Sales and Use Tax Services provided by Fandl include:

    • Sales & Use Tax Outsourcing
    • Audit Support
    • Reverse Audits
    • Tax Technology
    • Multistate Nexus Studies
    • Voluntary Disclosure Services
    • Managed Compliance Agreements
    • Taxability Matrices
    • Resale Certificate Management
    • Sales Tax Advisory Services

Fandl can also handle all aspects of a sales and use tax outsource engagement including data review, filing of returns, payment of tax (to include an imprest account option), audits and appeals, and management reporting.

Our secure on-line data warehouse gives clients access to all of their sales tax data including tax returns, notices, calendars, and other jurisdictional correspondences.